Tuesday, 26 March 2013

24th March - Important Notice

Greetings everyone!

If you are visiting this page and wondering where all the blog updates have gone, well, we have moved!

This blog has been going for almost 4 years now, and wont be closing down, as that is 4 years worth of stunning archives for you all to enjoy!  So, please feel free to browse through any of the links on this page at your leisure.

From now onwards though, all blog updates will be posted on the lodge's new home page: http://www.newmarkhotels.com/accommodation/game-reserves/motswari-private-game-lodge/blog/

Go and see the latest post here: The Beast Returns....Again

Thank you again for all of your loyal support and following over the years, and we look forward to sharing more magic moments and images with you over the coming years!

Please feel free to go and look at the new page, and we look forward to your thoughts and comments about the new blog as we strive to make for a smooth transition from one platform to another.

Thanks again!

Chad Cocking and the Motswari Rangers


  1. Hey Chad,

    How do we comment on the new blog? I just want to say that I'm so happy that Argyle male is still alive and well!

    Tammy Lee

  2. Hey Tammy!

    He is looking so good! although his left eye appears to be developing a cataract? We are working on enabling the comments, so should be up soon...thanks for the feedback on the other post though :)


  3. Hi Chad,
    There will be teething problems we're sure!
    It is difficult to read the new blog as a) some of the print and pictures are behind the white panel 'Numark Hotels' and b) what print we can see is fading into the background of the picture behind.
    Like Tammy cannot see how to make comments on the new site so hope you see this.
    A big thank you for everything you do.
    Your Blog certainly gets people to Motswari so it needs to be easy to read; we have five friends who we intorduced to the blog who have booked into Motswari in October!
    Greetings and Happy Easter
    from Sue and John

  4. Hi All. I agree 100% with Sue & John. The blog is the marketing tool and the accommodation is the enabler to make the trip possible and to make the blog become a reality.I would really stick to the old format of the blog and just "wet the appetite" of the reader with the photo of the day on the Hotel site and make it just a "click away" to see the blog in its current format.
    Blessed Easter to All

  5. Hey Chad,

    How are you ?
    Well I was using the RSS feed flux to be aware of new updates, but it seems that there isn't any in the new blog.

    Can you see that and tell me the url of the feed ?

    Happy Easter !


  6. Hi Motswari Staff. I have to agree with these comments and those posted on 23 March Blog. The white panel on the Motwari home page also covers pictures and so does the text. I would be put off by the bright red 'price tag' appearing as I open the page. I'm no marketing fundi but I agree with the comment above that you should tempt the reader to look further - so rather have the a Rates page and separate page for the Lodge details. To echo another comment: If its not broken don't fix it and in my opinion the old Motswari webpage and the Blog were not in need of any changes.

  7. I also agree with the comments above, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures are amazing, however, it's very aggravating with the white panel covering up the text and pictures, very disappointing. I no longer look forward to visiting your page each morning.


  8. To all at Motswari,
    Have been a follower the Motswari blog almost daily for the last few years. The new format is disasterous and seems to be counter productive to one of its main functions in attracting people to visit. It is now difficult to read with half of the print and pictures obscured by the white panel advertising Numark. (A chain of chemist shops in the UK if you don't know!.
    Please, please can we somehow return to the old format?
    Frustrated from Staffordshire, UK

  9. You see, so conditioned by Numark chemists that I'm even spelling your Newmark incorrectly!

  10. I totally agree with the rest! This blog is one of the best blogs and has beautiful pictures and stories and I always enjoyed reading it. The new blog is too stuffed, the pictures are too small and I can't figure out how to make comments... Maybe we can somehow return to this old blog?

  11. Thank you all for all the feedback!

    I do appreciate it; i have brought up all the issues with the powers that be, and they are working on it.

    Please do bear with us as we try to make the transition to the new platform, but hoping that we can sort the issues out soon


  12. Thanks for update Chad. The blog used to be the highlight of my day now it is the frustration of my day. The only reason I still look at it is to see if it has been sorted out. One needs to see the entire picture and not have to scroll to see it. The impact of the pictures has been lost completely.
    Good luck in sorting it out, hope that it is sooner than later before Motswari looses more "viewers".

  13. Even though I don't like the new blog as i liked the old one, I still think it is one of the best blogs. I don't no any other blog, that is being updated to regularly as the Motswari blog. I enjoy the stories as well as the pictures.:-)
    We shouldn't always see the bad things, because there are so many good things:)

  14. Good morning Chad, with regret I was reading the news a while ago. As it sounds some time "under new Management" keep up as long as you can. I never made it to Motsvari, but I am next week again Guest of my Friend in Ingwelala.
    Thank you for the wonderful Pictures and Blogs Robert